Social Media Strategy for WeatherScope App + Tips on Building Your Audience

We recently worked on rebranding a weather app called WeatherScope and worked on a social media strategy for a company called 30 Second Weather owned by our very own Kron4 TV Meteorologist Lawrence Karnow. We started working with him back in October 2016, when he came to us he didn’t have much of a social media presence and wasn’t sure how Instagram could help him with marketing his weather app. Since then we’ve grown his followers from 0 in October to 1142 followers to date. Not bad eh?

Its been great working with Lawrence on rebranding his app called “WeatherScope” and really helping him create the foundation for his marketing campaigns and social media strategy. If you haven’t heard of it, make sure you download it on iTunes or Google Play store for your smart phone or tablet. The most important function of the app is not just to check the Weather Forecast for the city you live in, but to also share your experiences by broadcasting live in 4K Video! We also created a set of branding videos for the app and also cross collaborated with a local San Francisco non profit for some lifestyle videos.

The reality is: most small businesses and some entrepreneurs don’t have much knowledge about how social media works or how it can help them get visibility or recognition online. Before we helped Lawrence he relied on twitter and having his app on the app store. It takes much more sheer effort to promoting your product or business online. The once a week post or the occasional once a month won’t get you any visibility online.

How do you engage your audience?

For starters: What is the end goal you have in mind for your product or business?

In this example, Lawrence’s goal was to get more awareness of the weather app and to have a million downloads from the app store and google play store. So we started looking at what people were talking about on Instagram. We went and found the most trending topics centered around weather and started looking at the images that were getting tons of likes.

Most small businesses don’t have a clue how to engage their customers or what kind of audience they want to attract with their product. How do you engage your customers online?

The way to engage your audience is to run contests, or mini campaigns on Instagram to see what people respond to. Social Media is not cookie cutter and there is no way to shortcut getting a high volume of followers. One of the campaigns we started running was #TravelTuesday where we got a different person every week from a different part of the world to takeover our Instagram account for the day and we had them post 3-4 photos from where they were. Not only did it bring in more followers but it also brought more engagement from people who loved the photos that we were posting.


Check out this video of Lawrence explaining how to use the app, they are still in beta testing mode, so any suggestions on app features or tools, they are always very happy to listen! Check them out and get in touch through their site that we helped out with designing!

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Check out their Instagram @WeatherScopeapp

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