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By Tom Marcoux, Spoken Word Strategist

“If only the people I meet could really understand the value I bring to my clients,” my new client Sandra said, deep concern in her eyes.

“I’m right there with you. I’ll take you through a process; I call it ‘Work it and trim it,’” I began. “We’re talking about using Story and making things Brief and Compelling.”


1.      Story

Novice business owners give people a list of what they do. Or they use an Elevator Speech that sounds like a commercial. These things break rapport. Instead, I guide my own clients to have a menu of stories that they can share. The story is what creates connection, and the story moves emotions.

Here’s an example:

Wendy: “I’m curious. Do you have your own company or do you work as part of a team?”

Cheryl: “I have my own company. We sell children’s apparel online.”

Wendy: “What inspired you to do that?”

Cheryl: (talks about how she was inspired by her three-year old son).

Wendy: “Wow. You light up as you tell me all about that.”

Cheryl: “Yeah. I still want to know what you do.”

Wendy: “I help business owners like you invite people into their website. Recently, I helped a client, Irina, create a whole new homepage that gets people to click and dive into her website. She’s now capturing new visitors with an improvement of 237% over when people used to abandon her website real fast.”

The above example is part of what I call an Elevator Dialogue.

My point is: Tell a well-crafted story. Make the emotional connection.


2.      Brief

How do you know if what you’re saying is brief enough? Find out if the person can say it back to you.

Seven days ago, I got a phone call. “Tom, I think you’d be good to facilitate a marketing meeting at the company I work at. You are the Spoken Word Strategist.”

Boom! My marketing was working.

Some time ago, I made the mistake of having a bunch of words under my name on my business card, including “CEO, Executive Coach, Author of 42 books …”

One of my own coaches pushed me. He said, “Why are you doing that?”

I replied, “I want to show that I’m different.”

“Yeah, you’re different. But what counts is that people remember you,” he said.

Many talented people find it hard to zero-in on the one thing that makes them great and different.

Ultimately, I learned that you keep testing things. When people can say something back to you, when they remember it, your marketing is working.

More does not mean better. Memorable is better.


3.      Compelling

What is the pain that you alleviate for the client?

Where do they hurt?

Turn that into a Story of how you’ve helped a previous client. That’s compelling.

One of my clients said this:

“Tom Marcoux helped me get more done in 10 days than other coaches in 2 years.” – Brad Carlson, CEO, Mindstrong, LLC.

I’ve worked with CEOs and other business leaders. Where’s the pain? Wasting time or other resources.

So, I help clients use leverage—small effort for BIG results.

In summary:

Remember to make your communication with prospective clients build on Story, Brief and Compelling.


Spoken Word Strategist Tom Marcoux is an Executive Coach and Guest lecturer (STANFORD UNIVERSITY), winner (special award at EMMYS), Tom directed a feature film (went to CANNES FILM MARKET). CEO Tom leads teams (U.K., India, USA). Tom (member, National Speakers Association) guides clients/audiences (Linkedin). The San Francisco Examiner says, “The Personal Branding Instructor.”

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