I’m on Social Media, Now What? How can I use it for my business?

Often times when I work with small business clients who are trying to promote their services, businesses, or even a product, they ask the same questions, what do I post about?

Social media is such a new phenomenon, with the advent of Facebook and Twitter circa 2007, most people in the most basic terms still don’t understand what the point of social media is. Unless however, that you want to share your life with the world than social media is really pretty intuitive for you.

But what about the rest of the people out there who’ve coasted through managing and operating their businesses for 20+ years and not even once thought about getting on social media to boost their business?

Social media in its most basic function is for the purpose of bringing awareness to social issues, to tell and to show people your business or company, its also used to promote a campaign or a product. Regardless of what you are doing online, the most important thing to remember is that social media is used for the purpose of building a community and an audience. Do you have an idea that you want to test out and gather market research for? You can do that by asking questions on social media and seeing what kind of content people are responding to, its the fastest way to test your theory.

If you have a business, small to mid-size or you’re an independent contractor… you can use social media to keep in touch with a community of people that can benefit from your business or services. If you’re an artist or creative and you are constantly creating content, you want to display your work online and show people what you are doing. You can most certainly use social media to promote your work to win more work online.

If you’re using social media to promote your art or business, nobody likes seeing the same kind of content, so you can vary up your posts by doing these three different things:

  1. Posting something about your life – so that you build a personal connection with your audience. A selfie here and there won’t hurt, or a decent image of you actually doing something works. This gives your audience and community a glimpse into your life. 
  2. You can also post tips/videos on how to do things… you’re more likely to build more followers if you’re posting content they want to learn more about, something you are an expert at and don’t mind teaching people how to do things. 
  3. Reposting other photos, they don’t have to be yours, especially if you have a blog and want to illustrate a trend, lifestyle, philosophy, etc.. (The most successful accounts on Instagram do this)

You can monitor your social media through built in analytics, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have analytics and you can do that by switching your account to a business account.

Social Media Analytics is interesting, having posted a few weeks ago about running into a warriors player, my tweets reached over 4k impressions on Twitter! But the origin of the post was from Instagram. I mainly use Instagram, but I link all my accounts together. I hardly ever post directly from Twitter, but a good way to consolidate your posts is through Instagram.

See below screenshot of my analytics on Twitter.

I teach two classes at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco in the Media Communications department called, “Social Media Branding + Promotion”. I love it, I live online! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

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